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     The studio is located in a small strip mall, out in South Hill, Puyallup. That's in Washington state for those of you that found this site by search engine. We have been here for over fifteen years and are always making improvements. We have been told over and over again that The Tattoo Machine is by far the cleanest looking and safest run studio in the area. Now I am sure this is not the first time you have heard this claim being made, every studio would like you to believe that they are the best in the world. I am not going to try to win you over by a lot of wild claims and pretty words. We let our work, attitude and studio do that for us.

     There are five of us working the Tattoo Studio, (Brian, Garrett, Kristi, Colton and Sean). We all work five days a week. The studio is open seven days a week, noon till 9 pm. (Sunday is noon til six pm and we're closed on holidays). We take appointments or walk-in's. You can choose a design from the largest selection around or you can bring in a design of your own.

     If you have been looking around for a tattoo I am sure you have seen a wide variety in the way studios are set up. Some are tiny little places with barely enough room to move, others are bigger. Most are dark, few are really well lit up. We take pride in what we have here at the Tattoo Machine and it shows. We have a large studio, brightly lit, very clean and comfortable. It's everything that I wish I could have found when I started getting tattooed. So stop by if you can, and see the difference.