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     The Tattoo Machine is dedicated to safety and quality. There is no reason you should settle for anything less.The picture above is our autoclave. It is a medical sterilizer that uses heat, pressure and steam to effectively kill all microbes. Nothing can live through that environment. We use an outside testing agency to ensure that our sterilizer is working 100% of the time.

      All of our materials are single service. Meaning that nothing is re-used. NOTHING!! We discard pigment that was not used up during the course of a tattoo. We put barrier film over any surface that may be contaminated during a tattoo then discard those films when we are done. We use a set of procedures called "universal precautions" on every tattoo we do to ensure your safety as well as our own. We never try to "short cut" anything. There is simply no other way to gain and keep your trust.

      If you have questions about our procedures or procedures that you have seen somewhere else please feel free to contact us.