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 This page is under construction and will get a new look and new products soon.

     How to care for your new tattoo has been a subject of debate in the tattoo community for many years.

      Tattoo artists have had to recommend a variety of products available from your local drug store. These products were developed to prevent cuts, burns, scrapes and abrasions from getting infected and not for the healing of a new tattoo. The majority of these products contain petroleum or lanolin which when applied to a new tattoo can clog skin pores and actually delay your body's healing process. A large number of people have allergic reactions to these products and application to a new tattoo can cause skin reactions leading to loss of ink and permanent damage to your tattoo. Tattoo Goo contains no petroleum and no lanolin.

      The purpose of Tattoo Goo from the beginning was to develop a product that would provide the best available aftercare for your new tattoo. They have worked with physicians, dermatologists, numerous tattoo artists and collectors to develop a product exclusively for the treatment of new tattoos. They have taken nine different herbs, oils and vitamins that are known for their natural healing properties and combined them with an infection-inhibiting antibiotic to create a product specifically designed for the treatment of new tattoos. Tattoo Goo has been used on thousands of new tattoos with the same results time after time, no negative reactions, no infections, with outstanding results on all work treated with Tattoo Goo.

      Tattoo Goo is the best product available for the treatment of your new tattoo. Unlike other commercially available products Tattoo Goo actively supports the tattoo community. Tattoo Goo is sold only by your professional tattoo artist and will never be available at your local drug store.