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Before and After

Brian here, The pic to the left is a little cover up I did a while back. Just a reminder that letters are the most commonly covered tattoo. So before you get that name maybe think about the cover up that will most likely follow it some time in the future.  We're artists so let us know what ideas your trying to get across in your tattoo and we can probably avoid the lettering all together.

This cover uses as much as the original as possible while obscuring the name that was the focus of the cover up. The smaller dragon is actually grey your not seeing things.




Brian's blog



Hi my name is Brian. I own the Tattoo Machine. I have been tattooing since 1991 and have enjoyed every minute. Its now 2012 and I am still hard at it. I am still learning the craft, Twenty plus years does not in my opinion make me an "old timer" so I am always looking for bigger and better ways to give the best possible tattoo. That's enough self-promotion, You are probably here to look at pictures so hit the link at the top of the page in the "Photo Gallery" See you there. Thanks, Brian


The Pinhead here was done in 2 stages and took a total of 4 hours.