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2014 underway!

So now that we are into the new year a few weeks I have decided to post. It only took me a week or so this year to stop writing 2013 as the year on anything that needed a date. I guess its a sign of maturity. That or I just got lucky this time. 

We have made a few changes to the studio this year. We are hanging artwork that is not necessarily tattoo related on the walls in the studio now. Some oil paintings that I have done, and watercolor from Kristy. Colton and Garrett have also gotten in on the fun and there will continue to be new artwork up to view and buy if it strikes you as something that you would like to own. 

We are considering doing artwork on a commission basis. If we get enough interest I will set up a new page or a completely separate site to handle the requests. So stop in the studio and check it out. 



October! that means Halloween. 

And candy unfortunately. Halloween is my personal favorite holiday. Always has been. The candy, decorations, movies and general vibe of the fall season just seems to groove well with me. That brings me to the candy. I cant seem to help myself and always eat way too much. More than what is considered healthy I am sure. 

So, you might want to book an appointment before I send myself into a sugar coma. Come to think of it, none of us at the studio really have any self control where the sweets are involved. So make those appointments and we will see you at the studio.



August has been HOT so far!

Yeah, I know its Summer and it is supposed to be hot. But I have been outside alot on my days off and I guess I am not built for the heat. That brings me to a friendly reminder. Protect your tattoos from the sun. Nothing, and I mean nothing destroys a tattoo faster than sun exposure. Use that SPF 50 and leave it on the surface of your skin, if you rub it in too much it doesn't work.  Enjoy the remainder of the Summer and we hope to see you in the studio.